Take a Test Pilot of NRL before making your big move! Many Originators do not have the ability to gauge a company’s level of underwriting or branch support prior to beginning, which is where we come in. With NRL’s Test Pilot program, Originators that are not with NRL are able to submit a loan scenario for review.

Our Reliable Solutions Desk will receive your file, review it and respond with options to make your loan work (or in some cases, confirm that it’s a dead deal). Our support to branches is unprecedented, as we are here to support our Originators by providing a “second set of eyes” to review their scenarios prior to experiencing bumps in the road. Give us a spin today!

Time Drain

Some loans can be a time sponge that you will spend endless hours figuring out how to make work. Instead of expending your precious time, send in the scenario to Test Pilot and let us tell you whether it is a dead deal or (hopefully) give you a solution that will work!

Test Our Underwriters

Most originators receive the opportunity to “test pilot” their underwriters and experience their level of service after they start with a company. With our Test Pilot system, you can send in a scenario today to gauge how we would respond (and in most cases, work with you) to close the loan.


Between a Rock & Hard Place

Tough scenario got you stuck? You shouldn’t pass on a loan thinking you can’t or don’t know how to structure. We are here to help you close the deal on tough loan files!

Take control by becoming a test pilot with NRL’s Reliable Solutions desk. Get an answer to any loan scenario and find out how NRL works from a service-level perspective.

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