As experts in our industry, we see our loan products and our services far more intellectually than our customers do. Benefits that you see in your service are different than the benefits your customer sees. You perceive what makes your business different – your customer sees only what your services will do for him/her and chances are, your competitors can do the same thing. Your customer will decide to move forward with the company they “feel best” about. Our job is to make sure they feel best about yours.

One thing is certain – marketing is a business tool that is required to effectively grow and build your production. That is why we have invested into Skylab, our proprietary marketing platform.

Achieve your sales quota faster, track your leads more efficiently, and maintain your relationships through our tailor-made CRM. Utilize hundreds of flyers, emails, on-demand SMS messages, social graphics, and create open house websites instantaneously. During our Skylab bi-weekly training sessions with our in-house CRM genius, you will be fully trained to take your database to the next level!

With mobile apps accounting for 89% of business transactions and mobile time, it is crucial to have your own mobile app. Your borrower can complete their entire application from their mobile device, become pre-qualified, view their loan milestones, and even scan requested documents. On top of that, co-branded versions of the app can also be created!

Effective marketing is not only a requirement for our Originators, it is a priority for our Referral Partners too! Whether it is out in-process emails that keep you abreast of all milestone updates, co-branded emails, flyers and mobile app, open house websites, or Realtor Portal - we have built our Marketing Portal with our Referral Partners in mind.

With our provided dashboards, quickly identify borrowers that may have a potential opportunity to take advantage of. Our alerts will notify you when a borrower has had their credit pulled by another mortgage company or bank, the opportunity to benefit from a refinance, or have recently listed their home on the market.

Your online presence is crucial to your success in today's digital environment. In doing so, we have created websites for each of Originators, Branches, and an optimized corporate website. Each website has multiple forms that capture either the lead/loan and is synced to Encompass within three minutes. A client portal also allows your borrower to see a progress bar for their loan.

Your digital presence within your local market could potentially be your biggest lead channel, yet many Originators do not tap into this perplexing market. At NRL, we handle all your digital initiatives from the corporate to branch level. Generating traffic to your branch and increasing brand awareness through custom branch and LO websites, managing your social media presence and online reputation are services that we offer to all Originators and branches.

Who doesn't love a good party? Our Marketing Team had event coordination and marketing down, from the RSVP to the Thank You emails. Let our team work with yours to elevate your next branch event!

Let's admit it, with borrower meetings, "lunch and learns," and meeting with new Realtors, the last thing on your mind should be posting on your social media channel for National Dog Day! That's where we come in, our team will set up your social media pages, post on your behalf, manages the leads that funnel through, and keep an eye on all reviews and comments!

Training is an investment in the future of your business and in doing so, we have created a series of bi-weekly Marketing training courses for all new Originators. With the Knowledge Coop, our live webinars and manuals, rest assured that you will be fully trained in all marketing facets!

Great design isn't only a perk at NRL, it's a necessity! We have graphic designers on-staff that are here to create your every day design needs. Simply fill out our Marketing Request Form and we will get your custom piece to you within 3-4 business days!